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F8100F Series
Brand new completely modular laser marking system

Support unexpected power off memory function,
automatically restore the Settings after power on

Adopting momery system for unexperted powering off and auto matic
restoring of all the settings after restarting.

Brand New Structure Design

1. Monolayer mainboard
2. Dual power supply
3. Multiple protection circuits
4. modular optical electric system

User Friendly man-machine interaction system

1. Clean and tidy for easy operation
2. What you see is what you get operation system
3. Air cooling enabling mainterance free and longer lifetime for laser source

Brand new main-machine interaction

1.Nice vision design
2. Color screen with high resolution
3. Clean and tidy with all functions earily operated
4. Enhanced and simplitied message creeting system
5. Multi-language supponted
6. Multi-format of messages adoptedSHX, TTF font, logo, all codes (2DbarcudeQRetc) serial number
7.Automatic date and time sheifting
8. Controllable linereverse and traverse adjustmentand etc.

Newly designed printerhead

1. Compact and light, easy to carry and installed
2. High gacity and lastest technology call laser source adapting to most macterious in most industries.
3. Flexiblely adjusted bracket enabling easy installtion in different production lines.


Marking speed

Up to 2,000 characters/second

Line speed

Up to 200/min

Wave lengths

1055-1070 nm

Marking format

Standard industrial fonts (Type1 Windows®TrueType®) and single line font

Machine readable codes (OCR, 2D matrix, etc)

Bar codes: code128A, code128B, code128C, code39, code93,

QR-Code, Data Matrix, Aztec-Code, Han Xin-Code

Graphics, Logos, symbols, etc

Linear, circular, angular, reverse, rotate sequential and batch numbering

Automatic date, layer and time code, real time clock

Dot model will be faster for marking

Laser tube

Ytterbium (Yb) pulsed fiber laser

Beam deflection

Steer beam with digital high-speed galvanometer scanners

Focus options

Standard: F160 (110x110)

Optional:F63(50x50), F100(70x70),F210(140x140),
F254(175x175),F330(220x220), F420(300x300)

User interface

Personalized touch control screen, humanized operation, easy to learn


UDP,TCP/IP and RS232

Inputs for encoder and product detector triggers

4 inputs/4 outputs for start/stop signals, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs; in addition to the safety circuits

Customer-specific solutions available

Electrical requirement

110-240 VAC (To be noted when ordering),〜50/60 Hz, 1 PH, 0.70 KW

Cooling system

Air cooled


Temperature 5-40° C(41-104° F)

Sealing and safety standards

Cabinet: IP54 standard

Marking Unitf(Optical core components): IP54 standard


Standard unit:approx.34kg

Specific model

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