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F550 PLUS Series
Brand New Core Design
Hold more than 10 patents

Leading CIJ technology and high-tech technology the modular design improves the stability of
the machine and provides the possibility of fast maintenance
provides high-definition printing effects for diffrent industries

Leading CIJ technology

High-tech technology

Modular design

Rapidly maintenance

New generation control system

Brand new man-machine interactive system

Sufficient external ports

Various external ports including serial ports,USB,expandable input and output IO ports and etc,enabling the connection to computers, industrial controllers, PLCs, code scanners and check weigher for interconnection,information exchange and mutual control.

More stable printhead

The optimized and upgraded printheads integrate modules such as heating, phase detection and amplification, positive air pressure output, high voltage insulation and printhead valves adapted to pigment ink.

Modular design

Industrial aesthetics and modular design, and IP55 protection level improve the stability of machine.

Quick addition

The F540 series CIJ is available in 750ml and 375ml ink cartridges, reducing operating costs.

Ink system can be rapidly maintained

Modular ink system

Nozzle70/60 μm70/60/50/40 μm
Maximum Printing Dot-matrix2534
Chinese Fonts
Reciprocating Printing
90° Flip Printing
IP54 Protection Level
Special Counter
Counter Override
Clock Override
Encoder Port
USB Ports
Serial Ports
Network Ports
Recovery Pump
Positive Air Preasure Pump
Cleaning Pump
Dyes Ink
Pigments Ink
High Speed Software
UmbilicalLength 2700mm, Diameter 21mm, Bending Radius 150mm.
Print Height1.2-15 mm
Maximum Printing Speed320 m/min
Printing Distance2-15 mm
Input SystemStandard American Keyboard,WYSIWYG editing interface input.
Dot-matrix Font5×5, 7×5, 9×6, 11×8, 16×11, 24×17, 32×22
Temperature Range5-45°C
User FieldsQR code, barcode, logo, clock, counter, shift, etc.
Electricity200-240VAC, 50HZ
Power120-150 W
Net Weight27kg
Gross Weight45kg
PS: ● Indicates standard configuration, ○Indicates optional configuration.

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