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Automatic Carton Forming Bottom Sealer


GPK-40E is a new generation product of independently produced and designed in our company, equipped with protective door in tape replacement area to meet market requirements, more convenient and easy. The machine adopts strict production process, vertical producing speed reaches 12 cartons/min, drawing cartons and forming, and adds automatic alarm function when tape broken or no tape. It has been widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco,daily chemical, electronics and other industries.

Max Speed

12 cases/min

Packing Size




Carton Opening Speed

Carton Size

Power Supply


Adhesive Tape Width

Carton Storage Quantity

Air Consumption

Air Compressing

Table Height

Machine dimension

Machine Weight

Up to 12 cases/min


110/220V 50/60Hz 1 Phase


48/60/75mm (Choose one type)

80-100pcs (800-1000mm)



620+30 mm



Replace tape quickly

Equipped with protective door, replacing tape conveniently and safely as the door open.

Push carton board automatic buckle

Material trough fixed bracket with push carton board automatic buckle, lock material trough which is convenient for user.

Mechanism of folding front and rear board

Upgraded mechanism of folding front and rear board, cartons can be formed faster, stable and endurable.

Siemens PLC

The internal electric circuit adopts anti- jamming technology and Siemens control program, which can control position accurately and work stable for long time.

Endurable conveyor belt

Using endurable conveyor belt with strong friction which can transport steadily.

Automatic alarm

When tape broken or used up, the alarm will make sounds automatically. It’s convenient for user to change and adjust in time.

Available for customized horizontal material trough

Available for multiple-size cartons

Width can be as small as 150mm.

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