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Automatic Carton Erector


The automatic carton erector GPK-50E is a vertical box-opening machine with a speed of 10 boxes/min. The machine adopts PLC+ human-machine interface control. The carton can automatically complete the folding and sealing bottom during the transportation, and it does not stay in the process of folding the bottom. That is to say, the machine can complete the whole process of suction box, molding, folding and sealing bottom of carton at the same time. It is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and stable in performance.

Max Speed

12 cases/min

Packing Size




Carton Opening Speed

Carton Size

Power Supply


Adhesive Tape Width

Carton Storage Quantity

Air Consumption

Air Compressing

Table Height

Machine dimension

Machine Weight

8-10 cases/min


220V 50/60Hz 1 Phase


48/65-72mm(Choose one type) 2inch,3inch

80-100pcs (1000mm)



620+30 mm



Durable parts

Using durable parts and electrical components, the accessories have stable performance, strict structural design, and no vibration during operation.

Push box plate automatic buckle

The trough fixing bracket adopts the automatic buckle of the push box plate to lock the trough plate, which is convenient for users.


The total length of the machine is 2350mm, which occupies smaller area than similar products. Similar products in the market have relatively large shape, length of more than 3600mm,which cover large area.

Precision parts

Tens of thousands of parts aging tests to ensure that every detail is more stable, low failure rate, safe production, and efficient.

Durable conveyor belt

Using durable conveyor belt with strong friction which can transport steadily.

Power switch

Adopt cost-effective power switch, the service life can reach 100,000 times.

Available for customized horizontal material trough

Suction cup

Using suction cups with strong suction to grab carton stably and durable.

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