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X-Ray machine for food processing,For large packaged food X ray detection.


1. Excellent performance Fully automatic foreign body and defect detection algorithm with high detection sensitivity.
2. Reliable quality Software based on Linux architecture, hardware based on industrial-grade device design and rigorous testing.
3. Simple operation Human-computer interaction design after a lot of user research, friendly and convenient interface.
4.Complete functions with various function modules such as data statistics, data storage, network communication, etc.
5.Easy maintenance: No tools required for quick disassembly, cleaning and replacement of conveyors and conveyors.


Radiation sources

Testing accuracy

Human-computer interaction conveyor

Speed to be checked

Product weight to be

Checked product size

Power supply

Temperature and humidity

Waterproof grade

80 kV,maximum power 350W

Metal ball :(0.4mm, wire:(0.3X2mm) f Ceramic glass ball:(1.0mm)  Remarks: the minimum detectable foreign body size has a great relation with the material composition, packing material, thickness size and other parameters in the product. In the actual production environment, please refer to the actual product test results.

17-inch touch LCD screen


Maximum 10kg

Maximum width 600mm,maximum height 300mm

AC 220V ,50-60HZ

Ambient temperature 0~45°C,relative humidity30-85% unexposed

The conveyor is IP66 and the other parts are IP40

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