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MDCX-4010 X-ray is special for bulk/loose products to detect the foreign matters from the products metallic,non-metallic contaminants (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic ,etc)


1. Excellent performance Fully automatic foreign body and defect detection algorithm with high detection sensitivity.
2. Reliable quality Software based on Linux architecture, hardware based on industrial-grade device design and rigorous testing.
3. Simple operation Human-computer interaction design after a lot of user research, friendly and convenient interface.
4.Complete functions with various function modules such as data statistics, data storage, network communication, etc.
5.Easy maintenance: No tools required for quick disassembly, cleaning and replacement of conveyors and conveyors




Human-computer interaction conveyor

Speed to be checked

Product weight to be

Checked product size

Power supply

Temperature and humidity

Waterproof grade

80kV,maximum power 210W

Metal ball:0.3mm, wire: 0.2x2mm,ceramic glass ball :1LOMmm Remarks: the minimum detectable foreign body size has a great relation with the material composition, packing material, thickness size and other parameters in the product. In the actual production environment, please refer to the actual product test results.

17-inch touch LCD screen


Maximum 10kg

Maximum width 400mm,maximum height 100mm

AC 220V ,50-60HZ

Ambient temperature 0~45°C,relative humidity30-85% unexposed

The conveyor is IP66 and the other parts are IP40

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