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X-Ray Inspection system adapted to detect the contaminants in the food, including the metal.For medium and small packaged food.


1. High sensitivity, detect metal.
2. Working stable
3. 17-inch touch LCD screen
4. CE and ISO 9001 certification


Type X-ray source

Testing accuracy

Operating system

Interaction conveyor

Weight to be checked

Product weight to be

Power supply

Temperature, humidity

Waterproof grade

Equipment material

80kV,maximum power 210W

Metal ball:(0.3mm wire:0.2x2mm ceramic glass ball:(1.0mm)  Remarks: the minimum detectable foreign body size has a great relation with the material composition, packing material, thickness size and other parameters in the product. In the actual production environment, please refer to the actual product test results.

Linux (kernel version4.10)


Maximum 10kg

Maximum width 400mm, maximum height 160mm

AC220V ,50-60HZ

Ambient temperature 0~45°C,relative humidity 30~85% unexposed

The conveyor is IP66 and the other parts are IP40

Full mirror 304 stainless steel

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